Abu Dhabi
Dubai Creek
    Riviera Hotel at Dubai Creek
The Riviera Hotel at Baniyas Road in Deira was built 1962
and is one of the few buildings with balconies - back then
Deira was a booming business district and the center of the
oil support industries, the base for offshore manufacturing
companies like J. Ray McDermott and supply boat operations.

Dubai's Airport DXB
Dubai's Airport Terminal building opened in 1971 and was designed
by architects Page & Broughton. The modern roof construction, made
of white glass-reinforced plastic umbrellas, is supported by steel frames

Dubai's Plaza Cinema
Dubai's Plaza Cinema opened 1972 across Shindagha bus
terminal (public transportation hub) with more than 1600 seats.

 WTC Dubai World Trade Centre
Construction of Dubai's World Trade Centre started in 1974
at Zayed Road after the ruler H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed
Al Maktoum had visited New York and saw the iconic WTC
towers under construction.
The building was designed by John Harris who was also in charge
of the cities first master plan. The 39-story office tower is still
featured on the 100 Dirham banknote and after a redevelopment
the busy center of the local exhibition and convention spaces.
DWTC Serviced Apartments
Along with Dubai's WTC Tower architect John Harris built the
serviced DWTC Apartments for short and long term stay
tenants, providing restaurants, a club and sports facilities to
the ex-patriates community.

Intercontinental Hotel Dubai
International chain house Hotel Inter-Continental was designed by
architects Neuhaus Taylor / 3D International and opened march 1975.
Originally managed by Pan American Airlines, today a SAS Radisson.

Pearl Tower in Deira
Pearl Tower constructed by architects Khatib + Alami
In 1976 the tallest building on the Deira side of the creek.

Riviera Hotel and Carlton Towers along Dubai Creek
The Carlton Tower Hotel opened in 1977 next to the
Riviera. The once modern pre-fab facade, where each
window was in the center of a huge concrete block,
was modernized 2005 with a more classic-style facade.

Sheraton Hotel at Dubai's Creek
The Sheraton Hotel on the creek was constructed by Rader + Mileto
in 1977 with architects of the Rome Group on reclaimed land in Deira

Deira Tower at Creek Dubai
The Deira Tower at Baniyas Square built 1979 in an
architectural mix with arabian facade and a round top.

Intercontinental Hotel Dubai
Hotel Inter-Continental tower built 1977 by architects Neuhaus + Taylor
to expand the number of fine hotel rooms of the existing 10-story building.


Bank of Credit and Commerce in Dubai
Bank of Credit and Commerce International 12-story
tower was built in 1980 by architects Fitzroy + Robinson.
BCCI, then the 7th largest private bank in the world, was
founded 1972 by a Pakistani financier and operated from
over 400 branches in 78 countries.

Arab Bank at Dubai's Creek
Arab Bank for Investment and Foreign Trade
The ARBIFT tower or Al Masraf building built in 1980
by architect Arthur Erickson of Vancouver, Canada.

Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah
The Radisson Blu Resort in Sharjah, is a beach hotel designed 1980
by TAC/ The Architect's Collaborative founded 1945 by Walter Gropius

Ramada Hotel Dubai
Bur Dubai's downtown Ramada Hotel opened 1982
In 2006 i had a great stay and some meetings in the
spacious lobby with tea and arabian style sweets...

Etisalat Tower Dubai
Dubai's first Etisalat Tower 1989 by Arthur Erickson.


Burj al Arab luxury Hotel Dubai
Dubai's iconic Burj al Arab hotel on an artificial island, was designed
in 1993 by architect Tom Wright of Atkins Middle-East.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai
The soft opening of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel was in 1997. Like the
opposite Burj al Arab hotel tower it was designed to look like a yacht
sail. Atkins's concept architect was also Tom Wright with Kevin Cook.

Dubai Creek Tower
Dubai Creek Tower 1993 by Khatib + Alami Architects
Office tower with shopping complex and a helipad on top.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce
DCCI Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Deira
a triangular building 1993 by Nikken Sekkei Architects.

Emirates Towers Dubai
The Emirates Twin Towers at Sheikh Zayed
Road 1995 architect Hazel W.S. Wong / Norr
Group. An office and a hotel tower connected
by luxurious retail boulevard with restaurants.
Structural height is 355 Meter or 1165 Feet


Twin Towers in Rigga Al Buteen
Twin Towers in Rigga Al Buteen, Dubai 1996 Leo A. Daly Architects

Al Attar and Sky Tower Dubai
Al Attar Tower build 1996 along Zayed Road
by Al Turath Engineering Consultants. To the
left, the smaller Sky Tower

Bank Melli of Iran
Bank Melli building 1997 by architects WS Atkins Partners
The first Iranian commercial bank was established in 1928

Dusit Tower
Dusit Resort consists of a 5-star luxury hotel
with Thai, Italian and American(!) restaurants,
business center and unfurnished or furnished
apartments. The structure is divided into two
bases built 1997 by architects Khatib + Alami

Dubai National Bank with golden facade
Golden facade of the National Bank of Dubai
An iconic building 1996 by architect Carlos Ott
to stand the test of time and some sand storm...

Al Attar Business Tower
The Al Attar Business Tower 1998 by Holford
Associates - easy to recognise because of the
giant banner of Korean car manufacturer KIA

Park Plaza Hotel of Dubai
The Fairmont Hotel opened 1998 as Park Plaza
Khatib + Alami Architects designed this building
to look like an arabian fortress but this time with
the amenities of deluxe rooms, gym and a health
club, fine restaurants and swimming pools.

Musalla Towers in Bur Dubai
Al Musalla Towers 1998 W.S. Atkins Architects
a residential building (left) and a commercial tower
with a helipad on roof in the center of Bur Dubai.

Buildings at Baniyas Road / Dubai
Hilton Dubai Creek Hotel (left) designed 1997 by architect Carlos Ott
The Saleh Al-Gurg Tower (right) was designed in 1999 by architects
of the NOOR Group's in a very futuristic look with a silver glass facade.


Madinat Jumeirah resort Dubai
Madinat Jumeirah beach resort with hotels, restaurants, and a souk
around the Mina a' Salam was designed 2000 by Creative Kingdom.

Madinat Jumeirah resort Dubai
The Tower residential building was designed
2000 by Khatib + Alami at Sheikh Zayed Road

Park Place
The 60-floors Park Place residential tower built
2004 by Cox Group Architects / ACC Contractors

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa designed 2004 by SOM architect
Adrian Smith as tallest building of the world!

Emaar's Boulevard Plaza Towers
Developer Emaar Properties' Boulevard Plaza twin towers 2004
designed by architect Andrew Bromberg of AEDAS as a modern
representation of islamic architecture in the new downtown.

Etisalat Tower Dubai
Dubai's second Etisalat Tower with a spherical golf ball like
structure on top - to house antennas and telecommunications
equipment - was designed 2004 by Shankland Cox Architects

The Rose Tower / Dubai
The Rose Tower 2004 by architects Khatib + Alami
The world's tallest hotel stands 333 meter/1095 feet
and is located along Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road.


Mixed used tower / Dubai
The mixed-use Acico Twin Towers 2005 by BRT Architects
Bothe Richter Teherani of Hamburg, Germany. Developed
by Kuwait's Aerated Concrete Industries Co. the buildings
are shared by a hotel, luxury apartments and office space
JAL Hotels (270 meter/885 feet), Nassima (655 ft./50 floors).

Al Attar residential tower in Dubai
The Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower
a 300 meter/990 feet residential skyscraper
designed 2005 by architect Adnan Saffarini.

Arenco AAM Tower in Dubai's Media City
The ARENCO Tower is based on a podium of ten parking levels
planned in 2002 by architect Carlos Ott for Dubai's Media City.

Twin Towers in Dubai Media City
The two Al Kazim Twin Towers in Dubai Media City
Art Deco style 2005 by National Engineering Bureau.

INDEX Tower / Dubai Financial Center
The Index a 330 meter postmodern building in Dubai's emerging Financial
Center. DIFC skyscraper 2005 by Norman Foster + Partners Architects

Maze Tower Dubai / 690 feet / 210 meter / 56 floors
The Al Rostamani Maze Tower was designed in
2005 by Planquadrat Architects / DAR Consult

The Address hotel tower / Dubai
The Address hotel tower at lake Burj Dubai
2005 by architects W.S. Atkins Middle-East

Dubai Mall Hotel
The elliptical Dubai Mall Hotel was opened in
september 2009 at the junction of Doha Street
and Burj Dubai Boulevard. Like the adjacent mall
the building was also designed by DP Architects of Singapore.

Dubai's Byblos Hotel
The Byblos Hotel on Emirates Hill 2006 by DUBARCH Architects
Staying there as a guest during the soft opening period was a
pleasure: Very nice rooms and the restaurant served perfectly
grilled lamb chops ...and their British pub served Kilkenny !!!

Sama Tower / Dubai
Sama Tower 2006 by architects W.S. Atkins ME
(Scaled down because of nearby flying paths)

WTC Residential Apartments in Dubai
The World Trade Center Residential Apartments
constructed 2006 by architects TRO Jung|Brannen

Conrad Hotel in Dubai
The Conrad hotel tower along Zayed Road
2008 by architects W.S. Atkins Middle-East

Mosque on Palm Jumeirah / Dubai
Abdulrahman Siddik Mosque on Palm Jumeirah
designed in 2008 by Yaghmour Architects (Jordan)


ATLANTIS on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah / Dubai
The Atlantis themed resort and hotel on Dubai's artificial Palm Jumeirah island
opened in 2008 and was a design collaboration between WATG Wimberly Allison
Tong and Goo, NORR, Adam D. Tihany, Jeffrey Beers and David Rockwell. Land-
scape architects EDSA shaped a luxurious palm oasis around The Royal Towers