Historic Buildings of the Persian Empire


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Shah Mosque in Isfahan
West Iwan of Shah Mosque 1611 by architect Shaykh Bahai, with colourful mosaic tiles and calligraphic inscriptions built on the south side of the public place Maidaan-e Naqsh-e Jehaan.

Imam Square of Isfahan
The 560 m by 160 meter Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan was constructed 1615, surrounded by buildings from the Safavid era. Esfahan was master planned 1598 when Shah Abbas decided to move the capital of Persia from Qazvin to a more central place.

Historic Buildings in Iran

Isfahan's Grand Bazaar
Inside Isfahan's Grand Bazaar is a maze of shops.

Grand Bazaar :: Esfahan
Inside of the Imperial Bazaar in Esfahan.

Road to Esfahan
Road from Esfahan to Tehran through Karah desert.

Zarin Iran Porcelain
Showroom and office of Zarin Iran airline porcelain industries along the highway are worth a visit.

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33-span-bridge in Isfahan
This historic 33-span-bridge Si-o-Seh-Pol was built 1602 over the Zayandeh river under the rule of King Shah Abbas I. (1587-1629).