Modern architecture of the Sultanate Oman


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Muscat / Oman
Overlooking coastal wetlands towards the mountains of Oman

Hotel Intercontinental Muscat
Hotel Intercontinental designed by architect Pierre Khoury in 1976 is located in the embassy district of Muscat, is only a short walk away from the beach, shopping center and restaurants.

Muscat and the oilfields of Oman

Muscat Beach
A family is playing at the beach of the Interconti Hotel Muscat.

Fahal Island of Oman
Fahal Island a.k.a. Shark Island a divers paradise with various coral formations and a pirate wreck offshore of Muscat's beach.

Be yourself
Written in the sand: A flower and Be yourself the most commonly used phrase in the history of advice.

Al Hajar Mountains in Oman
Flying over the Al Hajar Mountains towards Fahud, in the middle of the central plain area of Oman for work on the oilfield. The first well at Jebel Fahud 1957 by PDO Petroleum Development Oman, since 1964 oil is produced in commercial quantities.

Flughafen Fahud FAV Oman
Welcome to Fahud's FAV Airport in the heart of Oman's desert. I did a training with a lot of workers.

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Flughafen Fahud FAV Oman