Islamic Republic of Iran


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Azadi / Shahyad Tower
To commemorate the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire, the monumental Azadi Tower was designed in 1966 by local architect Hossein Amanat. Bird-house in a tree
Red bird-houses in a tree - must be an art project ?

Tehran's Milad Tower
Milad Tower is one of the tallest concrete
telecommunication towers. Groundbreaking
for the 435 meter structure was in 2000.
Designed by architect Mohammad Reza Hafezi
with structural engineering by ARUP Architects.

Eskan Complex
The Eskan Towers are a mixed-use compound with three 23-storey towers above underground parking and a fashionable shopping mall, planned 1974 by architect Moshe Bashan of Solel Boneh AMY.

Downtown Tehran buildings and towers!

Velenjak district of Tehran
Theran's Velenjak District in the north of the city with luxury residential high-rise buildings.

Villa in Tehran's Shemiran District
Villa with pool in Tehran's Shemiran District
1976 constructed by Gavergan Architects

Terraced residential buildings in Tehran
Terraced high-rise building in Shemiran below
the snow covered slopes of Alborz Mountain

Mercedes-Benz Dealership
An international style Mercedes-Benz dealership

Fresh bread at the Bakery
Friendly baker at the Moby Dick restaurant

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Kebab lunch at the Arya Restaurant
Kebab lunch at Arya Restaurant with Iranian Cola