Tourist Locations of Los Angeles

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7th + Fig Shopping Mall, Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Anzen Hardware, Chinatown Art Gallery, Barbershop, Bowling Lanes, Bel Air Camera, Bunker Hill Steps, Church of the open Door, CIA, Cirque du Soleil, Civic Center Mall, Crazy Gideon's, Dawson's Book Shop, Degree Confluence, Dinosaur Gardens, Echo Park Deep Pool, El Pedorrero Muffler Shop, EOM Architect Office, Farmacia Million Dollar, Fender Factory.

Some of Southern California's biggest Amusement Parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios or Knott's Berry Farm are located around Los Angeles and Orange County.
Also Hollywood attracts nations each year who travel there to pay homage to their favorite stars by driving around acephalous in little buses.


Fender Shop, Frieden's Department Store, Fry's Electronics, Golf Driving Range, Grand Central Market, The Grove Mall, Hansen Dam, Harley-Davidson, Hollywood Lake, Home of Peace, Hon Michi Shutchosho, Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple, Huntington Botanical Gardens, Japanese Village, James Irvine Garden, Laurel Theatre, Los Angeles International Airport, Loft Appeal, Los Angeles River, Mac Arthur Park, Maguire Garden, Malibu Pier, Memorial Park Westwood Village, Ming Ya Buddhist Temple, Model House, Morphosis Office, Mount Lee, Nancy Hoover Pohl Overlook, Nethercutt Museum, News Stand, Nickelodeon Studio, Nixon House, No Sports, Ocean Front Walk, Oil Wells of Los Angeles, Olive + 7th Street, Pacific Ocean, Paddle Tennis, Palm Trees, Pasquini Espresso, Paul Smith Boutique, Pedestrian Bridge, Pyramid Lake, Queen Mary Cruiseship, Racing Pigeon Club, Radio Transmitter, Riverside National Cemetery, Rose Garden, San Gabriel Valley, Santa Monica Beach, Santa Monica Palisades Park, Santee Alley, SciArc School, Self-Realization Fellowship, Shield's Date Garden, Silver Lake Reservoir, See's Candies, Stadium and Athletic Field, Swimming Pool, Tapia Brothers, Taschen Book Shop, Tiki Land, Trader Joe's Supermarket, Tujunga Wash, Venice Beach, Venice Canals, Vespa Dealership, Vista Hermosa Park, Vroman's Books, Water Exhibition, Water Conservation Garden, Wells Fargo Museum, Zappa Records Building.

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You will find brochures and travel publications for guided tours, mall shopping, shooting fish and other tourist activities at the Visitors Bureau in downtown Los Angeles or in Beverly Hills, maybe in Santa Monica.