Downtown Los Angeles

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Modern Buildings of 1924 Maxfield Tower, Felix Chevrolet, United States Court House, General Electric, Coca-Cola, Pacific Employers Insurance, Bureau of Power & Light. Home 1940 Southern California Gas, William Mead Homes, Hardware Warehouse.

University 1945 Chevrolet Showroom, Mercantile Building, General Petroleum Parking, Gerry Building, Metropolitan, Mirror Building, Pegasus Lofts, Statler-Hilton Hotel, Von KleinSmid Memorial Hall. Warehouse 1950 ALCOA Sales Office, Glass Skyscraper, Hall of Administration, Health Building, Los Angeles Police Department, SoCal Gas, Jonathan Club Garage, Standard Hotel. Mart 1955 Los Angeles Furniture Mart, Mojud Lingerie, Union Oil of California. Plant 1956 Downtown Heating and Refrigeration Plant. Annex 1957 Southern California Gas, Union Bank Annex, United California Bank. Restaurant 1958 Caltrans Annex, Denny's Restaurant, Hall of Records, Los Angeles Superior Court, Memorial Sports Arena, Orthopaedic Hospital, Pennzoil, Signal Oil.


Downtown 1960 Catholic Welfare Center, Department of Water and Power, Ahmanson Theater, Mark Taper Forum, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Downtown Microwave Tower, University Club. Theater 1962 California Market Center Phase I + II, Cathay Bank, Trade-Tech College, Martin Architects. Skyscraper 1963 Adams Plaza, Birnkrant Hall, Holiday Inn Hotel, David X. Marks Tower, One Wilshire Tower, Transamerica Skyscraper, Metropolitan Medical Center. Center 1964 Research Center, Federal Building, Harbor Freeway Center, State Mutual, Three Twenty One Building. Bank 1965 AT&T Headquarters, Bus Hub, City National Bank, Kajima Tower, Von KleinSmid Center, Honeywell, Union Bank of California. Tower 1966 Bunker Hill Tower, Bunker Hill South, Bunker Hill West, Burlington, California Teachers Association, Criminal Justice Center, Hoffman Hall Business Administration, Waite Phillips Hall of Education. Structure 1967 Carpenters, Department of Health Services, Pacific Auto Insurance, Parking Structure. Architecture 1968 Glore Forgan & Staats Investments, Hebrew Union College. Building 1969 Musick Law Building at USC.

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The redevelopment of Bunker Hill brought a lot of new high-rise office buildings and skyscrapers to downtown Los Angeles.