Architect Sean Briski's 2006 residence in Silver Lake

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Briski Residence / Silver Lake
Sean brought back the old tradition of experimenting with new materials and ideas. If you follow him through his new residence you can see his new approaches to 'living' culture on every single piece he made (himself): Sandwiched between panels of glass are the remains of truck tires he collected on the nearby freeway, foam packing material dims the sunlight on the whole western wall.
Experimental House by architect Sean Briski
Wanna play basketball - no problem here - just roll the lounge chairs and the tea table away and you are in the middle of a basketball court. A big 12-foot window provides plenty of light and fresh air! The architects office is easily accesible on street level in the garage. There is a wall made of plastic canisters and in the garden he grows a flying hedge. Sean gives me all the reasons to come back to Los Angeles every year to see the future of modern architecture!
Sean Briski Residence / Silver Lake