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Los Angeles offers a rich variety of food and cooking styles: Besides the traditional American fair which we enjoy in Diners, Breakfast Joints, Steak Houses and Family Restaurants, we have the French Cuisine for business lunch and to live the more sophisticated moments.

Alcazar Lebanese Grill, Alice's Restaurant, Bear Pit Bar-B-Q, Bellflower Bagels, Ben Frank's, Beverly Center Foodcourt, Boardner's Cocktail Bar, Bob's Big Boy, Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts, Brown Derby, Brooklyn Bagel Bakery, Campanile Restaurant, Canter's Deli, Carney's Express, Casa Escobar, Casa la Golondrina, Casey's Irish Bar, Cat & Fiddle Pub, Cielito Lindo, Chichen Itza, Chip's Diner, Clifton's, Clearman's North Woods Inn, Cole's Buffet, Cooper's Donuts, Craby Joe's, Cupid's Hot Dogs. California's century-long love affair with Mexican kitchen culminates today with food truck enthusiasts hunting the streets to enjoy the best Taco or Burrito treated as an insider tip. Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and even Burmese is very common. In K-Town it will be difficult to miss a typical Korean Barbecue Grill. Dale's Donuts, DELIcious, Denny's Breakfast, Downbeat Cafe, Donuts, Dr. Hogly Wogly's Texas BBQ, Dupar's Bakery, Encounter, Eastside Market, Eat-a-Pita, El Cholo Spanish Cafe, El Conquistador, El Pollo Loco, Fantastic Cafe, Far East Cafe, Farmers Market Los Angeles, Fatburger Fast Food, Fatburger #1, Firehouse, St. Vincent Food Court, Formosa Cafe, Frank's Grill, Frolic Room Bar, Golden Gopher, Golden Deli, Golden Triangle, Goody's, Gorky's Cafe, Grand Central Market, Great White Hut, Happy Tom's, Homeboy Cafe, Hop Louie, In-n-Out Burger, International Cafe Yermo, Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea on Sunset Boulevard. Italian dishes are often americanized but still delicious (Gelato ice cream was introduced to Los Angeles in 1856). Seafood Restaurants are common because of the nearby Pacific, Deli's of Jewish immigrants serve European style food.

Johnie's Broiler, Julio's Burgers, Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC Fast Food, Kindle's Donuts, Kite Coffee Shop, Koffee Pot, Krispy Kreme, La Cita Bar, La Fonda Restaurant, Langer's Deli, Lanza Brothers, Los Angeles Police LAPD Revolver and Athletic Club, Little J's, Little Joe's, Little Pedro's Cantina, Lucky Baldwin's Beer, Mama's Hot Tamales, Mc Donald's, Mel's Hollywood, Mel's Drive-In, Miceli's Pizzeria, Mrs. C's BBQ, Munch Box, Musso & Frank Grill, Nate 'n' Al Delicatessen, Noodle Express, Norm's Huntington Park, Norm's Inglewood, Norm's West Hollywood, Norm's Van Nuys, Ongpin Chinese Express, Original Pantry, Pacific Dining Car, Pann's Restaurant, The Parasol, Patra Burger on Sunset, Philippe the Original, Phoenix Bakery, Pho Vietnamese Soup, Pig'n Whistle, Rally's Fast Food, Randy's Donuts, Red Lion Tavern, Rod's Grill, Ruby's Diner, Saladang Song Thai, San Antonio Winery, Saratoga Bar, Scoops Ice Cream, Senor Fish, 94th Aero Squadron, Standard Lounge, Starbucks, Sidewalk Cafe, Sixth Street Forge, Sunset Grill. Stylish versions of the classic burger joint like Johnny Rockets became a successful restaurant franchise in Los Angeles and California. Tacos Mexico, Tail o' the Pup Hot Dog's, Taix French Restaurant, Tamale Restaurant, Thai Town Express, Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe, Tiki Ti Bar, Tito's Tacos, Toni's Bakery & Cafe, Top Hat, Tyler's Burgers, Valley Beverage and Liquor, Vertigo Bar, Watson's Soda Fountain, Wolfe Burgers, White Log, Wurstküche serving all kinds of sausage. Zankou Chicken on Sunset Boulevard.

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Casual dining or fast-food, breakfast, lunch or dinner, we can stop anywhere and have a bite. There are no recipes unknown to the cookbooks of this melting pot of kitchens of many nations.