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Our Lady of the Angels sculpture by Robert Graham †
Sculpture Our Lady of the Angels 2002 by artist Robert Graham (1938 - 2008) at the Lady of the Angels Cathedral. Praying with eyes closed.

Muffler Man sculpture in East Los Angeles
The giant Muffler Man a.k.a. El Hombre Mofle usually holding a muffler at 560 Gallardo Street and Mission Road in East Los Angeles.

Santa Monica sculpture by artist Eugene Morahan
Santa Monica sculpture 1934 by artist Eugene Morahan at Wilshire Boulevard. Palisades Park Public Art in California. Saint Monica of Hippo was born 331 in Thagaste, Algeria and died 387 in Ostia near Rome, Italy. Her race was Berber and she was the mother of Augustine of Hippo, a philosopher, theologian and important figure in the development of western christianity.

Authority - Los Angeles
Authority a marble lion sculpture presented to the City of Los Angeles by the Chinese-American community to commemorate the bicentennial of the independece of the United States of America in 1976.

Ballerina Clown sculpture by Jonathan Borofsky
Ballerina Clown sculpture 1988 by Jonathan Borofsky at the Venice Renaissance Building on Navy Avenue, Los Angeles.

Sculpture 'Corporate Head' by Terry Allen :: Downtown Los Angeles
They said I had a head for business
They said to get ahead I had to lose my head
They said be concrete and I became concrete
They said, go, my son, multiply, divide, conquer
I did my best (Philip Levine)

Corporate Head sculpture 1991 by Terry Allen
Ernst + Young Plaza at 725 S. Figueroa Street.

Auguste Rodin's 'Les bourgeois de Calais' in Pasadena
Les bourgeois de Calais bronze sculpture 1888 by Auguste Rodin to memorize the self-sacrifice of the six burghers of Calais in 1347.

Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Los Angeles
Courageously they died, by inspiration they live Fallen Firefighters Memorial at 1355 N. Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood 2007 by artist Yoshikawa. Plaza designed by architect Michael Rotondi.

Memorial dedicated to Japanese Immigrants
Issei No Yume or Issei Dream sculpture at 222 South Central Avenue in Little Tokyo 1987 by sculptor Tony Sheets: Japanese immigrants, with mixed feelings, on the deck of a ship during their voyage to the U.S. of America.

Molecule Man
Molecule Man steel sculpture 1991 by Jonathan Borofsky at the Civic Center's Federal Building.

Obelisk at the Griffith Park Observatory
The Astronomers Monument obelisk in front of the Griffith Park Observatory was a 1934 Public Works of Art Project made by the PWAP sculptors Roger Noble Burnham, Arnold Forester, Djey el Djey, Archibald Garner, Gordon Newell and George Stanley created a statue of Hipparchus of Rhodes, Nicholas Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, Sir Isaac Newton, William Herschel 1738-1822.

In the 1930's the United States of America started long-term national programs and federal art projects like the WPA Works Progress Administration in California with the intention to develop patriotism, national consciousness and pride.
The 1960's changed the perspective of public art from decoration of public space and visualization of national history to a more significant relationship between the artwork and it's site and the urban environment.

Giant Oscar statue on Hollywood Boulevard
The Oscar ® statue was designed in 1928 by MGM art director Cedric Gibbons and sculptured by George Stanley. The movie award was named after Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences librarian Margaret Herrick's uncle Oscar.

Replica of Michelangelo's David
Marble replica of Michelangelo's David at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park hills in Glendale.

Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains white marble sculpture as public art on Broadway in downtown Los Angeles.

Sustainable Sirens
The Sustainable Sirens dressed in costumes made from discarded film and theater production items as a Hollywood environmental awareness project.

Venice Torso by sculptor Robert Graham
Venice Torso 2007 at Windward Circle made of anodized aluminium by sculptor Robert Graham.

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Beatrice Sculpture
Beatrice sculpture at the Olen Properties Headquarters in Newport Beach, California.