Reinforced concrete in the Valley

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is like Roscoe Boulevard a main east-to-west thoroughfare of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County. Originally part of the historic Camino Real trail between the spanish mission in Ventura and mission San Fernando Rey de Espana here in The Valley.

14455 Fidelity Federal Bank, 14626 La Reina Theater, 14724 Chamberlain Towers, 14800 Communications Center, 14846 Mel's Drive-In, 14846 Bekins Van & Storage, 15165 Columbus Center, 15233 Union Bank Plaza, 15250 Bank of California, 15260 Valley Executive Tower, 15300 Realty Office Building, 15301 Galleria Tower, 15760 Encino Gateway, 15821 Encino Terrace, 15910 Valley Center, 16027 Westa BuildinG, 16055 Wells Fargo Bank, 16200 Encino Sunrise, 16255 Lincoln Bank, 16311 Libbit Building, 16625 United California Bank, 16661 Travelers Insurance, 17000 Coldwell Banker, 17100 Architects Office, 17835 Encino Financial Center, 18231 Tarzana Library, 19611 Fleetwood Square, 19855 Woodland Casual.


Anheuser-Busch Brewery, Burbank Media District, Los Angeles River, Los Encinos State Historic Park, Mission Building, Photo Panorama, Texas BBQ Restaurant.

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Today Class-A office buildings dominate the southern part of this 818 suburbian desert and it's bussiness parks.
The Valley is bounded by the mountains of Santa Susana and the Simi Hills to the north-west, the Santa Monica Mountains to the south and the Verdugo Mountains to the east.
The confluence of Arroyo Calabasas and Bell Creek is the start of the Los Angeles River.