Victorian Residence in Lincoln Heights

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Queen Anne Style residence of lumber businessman Jesse Q. Hall at 1347 Kellam.

Real estate developer Henry G. Hall's 1887 residence in Angeleno Heights Nº 1343 Kellam.

Victorian home of railway company president Everett E. Hall. Beautiful 1887 Eastlake style building at 917 Douglas Street.

Insurance agent Moses Langley Wicks' 1895 Colonial Revival Style residence with Greek Revival porch and cone turret at 1101 Douglas.

John Fonnell was a painter from Germany and lived and worked in this 1889 Victorian Cottage at 1334 Kellam Avenue.

Based on a mail-order design by architect George Barber, Zachariah H. Weller's 1894 residence at 824 Kensington Avenue in Angeleno Heights.

Santa Fe Railroad agent Michael T. Collins' 1887 Eastlake house at 890 W. Kensington.

Attorney Louis Luckel's 1892 two-story victorian residence at 1308 Calumet Avenue.

Lincoln Heights' historic buildings

Lincoln High School
Until construction of Lincoln High School 1912, the Lincoln Heights area was simply known as East Los Angeles. Subdivided as the bedroom of the Pueblo in the 1880's it was the first suburban community in the growing city.
Victorian House ~ Lincoln Heights
Hancock M. Johnston, his uncle Dr. John Strolher Griffin and former governor John Gates Downey played a key-role installing water pipes and bringing an new streetcar line to connect the subdivision with downtown Los Angeles.
Lincoln Heights ~ Victorian Residence
House lot sizes had been tailor-made for the middle-income persons of the working class.
Victorian Cottage ~ Lincoln Heights ~ Los Angeles
The 65-by-100 foot lots ranged from $100 to $150 as splendid homesteads for all...
Victorian Residence in Los Angeles
Inspired by the beautyful country villas of northern Italy, the Italianate style was built 1860 to 1880.
Victorian Residence in Lincoln Heights

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